Bolt boys


The year was 1985, or there-about. I was in the ground control group at the US Bureau of Mines in Denver. Somebody referred to us as the bolt boys. I wrote this semi-satirical hop-hop song in response. The recording was done by my friend Clay Stukey, who I have lost track of. I thought that he did a really great job with the recording.

Shortly after I wrote this, I received an on-the-spot cash award. It was for a slide show that I narrated, but many people told me that it was for this song. Okay, the on-the-spot award took at least 2 months to get into my hands. Enjoy, if you are able!!!

FYI, the DRC that is referred to in this song is the Denver Research Center. I apologize in advance for never rhyming anything with the word “limousine”. Poor form, for hip-hop.

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