Christmas at the Ulrich’s, 2018 (Dawn)


I opened the door into a brand new day.

I drew the fresh air into my lungs as I gathered an armload of firewood and some kindling.

Closing the door behind me, keeping the chill outside, I made my way to the fireplace.

I placed the kindling atop a crumpled newspaper and set them alight.

The fire took, and I gently placed a few smaller logs around the flame, taking care to keep the fire ablaze.

I sat back and enjoyed the sight.

Wandering into the kitchen, I grabbed my hot cup of coffee and quietly slipped into the living room.

Holding the coffee cup near my nose, I gazed out the window.

The full moon cast brightness upon the freshly fallen snow.

The lake and trees were illuminated by the moonlight, in a soft, gentle way.

All was quiet. Still. Calm.

I sat and sipped my coffee, my eyes going back and forth between the warming fire and the gentle scene outside.

Time passed and there I sat, still taking in the imagery as it unfolded before me.

The fire blazing.

The clouds, low on the horizon, began to take on hues of red.

As I sat, the reds became orange, and the orange faded to a bright white.

Though it had cooled considerably, my coffee still warmed me, as did the fire.

More time passed, and soon the snow-covered bouldery outcrops were brightened by the morning’s first light.

A new day had dawned.

The sky turned the vivid blue that can only happen on a bitterly cold autumn morning, and the air was still.

A group of chickadee happily hopped around just outside the window, seeking their breakfast.

I arouse from my chair, stretched my back, then stoked the fire, adding another log.

I glanced around me, and found joy in what I beheld. It was going to be a good day.
Please take some time to love your loved ones during the holiday season, and every day.


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