We’ve all had them.  Whether you call them eureka moments, epiphanies or whatever, we’ve all had them.  My son had a professor who called it toilet philosophy.  When you don’t have to do any research; you just have to think about a given topic. 

Einstein had his thought experiments.  That’s how he envisioned either general or special relativity (I can’t remember which).  In his thought experiment he was riding on a rocket and shining his flashlight off into space.  I’m not sure Einstein would be onboard with the term “toilet philosophy”. 

At many of life’s moments, its necessary to have a process of critical thinking.  When writing a PhD dissertation, for example.  Otherwise, it’s just research and experimentation.  You may need a critical thinking process for a creative undertaking, like writing a story, or thinking of a punchline to a joke. 

Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson had an approach that he called rhythm logic. He said it was taught to him by a shaman, or something like that.  He said that he would try his hardest to become the person he was trying to emulate… when he was trying to get inside someone’s head.  I think of this as method acting.  When you become a character and remain that character for as long as it takes. 

Whatever you call it, it sure feels good to have one.

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