Hey, have you read any good books lately?  I mean a book on management, performance, business, organization, self-improvement and the likes.  Instructional books.  Educational books. 

Have you read books like this, maybe dog-eared a few pages, maybe writing some comments or notes in the margins, thinking how good the book is and how meaningful it is, and how you can put so much of it to good use?  Then you place the book in a prized position on your bookshelf?  And then you forget about it forever and never act on any of its content? 

Yeah.  Me too.  And it’s a shame.  I think I’ve done this to some books that should have been meaningful and impactful to my life. 

You know what?  I think it would far better to read fewer books and when you read a really good book – read it again.  I’ve done this with a very select few books.  The Seven Habits by Steven Covey was one of them.  Good to Great, by Jim Collins, was another one, even though I feel like there were a few flaws in that book.  An interesting takeaway from Good to Great:  the leaders of those companies were not razzle-dazzle, larger-then-life amazing and flamboyant leaders.  Some claim that they were in fact introverts.  I’m not so sure that is correct.  In any event, the case is made that successful leaders don’t need to be like Richard Branson.  Excuse me, I mean Sir Richard Branson. 

Anyway, go out there and re-read one of those good books you’ve found somewhere along the way.  Who knows, it may make a huge impact on your world.     

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