Gramma loved to collect rocks.  My mom’s mom.  She knew a lot of good places to go.  I wish she had written down all of those places so I could go there.  Her next-door neighbor also collected rocks.  He’d go through his rocks and give her whatever he didn’t want.  Sometimes I’d get whatever she didn’t want.  Sometimes they’d go to my cousin.  In any case, I’d always get a few good rocks. 

This taught me a lot about rocks.

And more.

It taught me that you can always share, and that it’s especially easy when you have more than you need.  And you don’t always need to keep things that you thought were precious.  Sometimes the ritual of collecting something outweighs the joy of owning that something.  You’ll always have your memories, even if you give away something you put a lot of time and effort into. 

Hold your memories precious.  Better yet, share them with somebody.   

Gramma taught me a lot about fishing too.  One of the best life lessons from fishing is that sometimes what you’re looking for will come to you easily.  Sometimes what you’re looking for will allude you.  You can’t always get what you want.  Sorry, that’s something Mick Jagger taught me. 

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