This is a weird blog, but do you want your contribution to your chosen profession to matter?  If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to worry too much about this question.  You’ll have time, but you will need to lay out the groundwork over time.

We spend about a third of our adult lives performing in our profession.  I’d hate for that to not matter.

How can you matter?

Well, let me cite an example of not really mattering to your profession, no matter how highly you rise in your company.  Remember, this article is about mattering to your profession, not just your company.  Although, that is really important too.  And of course, to your family, friends and community.  Those are all important.

And by mattering, I don’t mean in a self-serving way.  I mean being a part of the industry by giving something to it.  Writing meaningful papers, delivering speeches.  Doing something for the industry that’s outside of the workplace.  Being a part of something that’s bigger.  Start a blog.

I’ve worked with people who are very important to their company, but they have done very little to help make advancements in their industry.  They seem happy.  But they matter very little to their chosen profession. 

There is a hyphen on your tombstone.  It separates the year you were born from the year that you died.  Some people say that the hyphen represents your life.  Make the hyphen matter. 

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