My financial advisor always tells me that there will be another 2008-type disruption to the stock market.  I could wish that he was wrong, but we just had another one.  By the way, from what I understand, the markets should rebound more quickly this time than they did in 2008.  In the past 100 years there has been epidemics, pandemics, a world war, and numerous other wars, plus the global war on terror.  There was 9/11.  I was living in South Africa at the time, and the entire event just seemed so other-worldly to me.  This pandemic is obviously not the first international disruption of lives and commerce that has ever happened, and it won’t be the last one. 

The other day I was out for a jog, listening to The Trailer Park Boys podcast.  If you don’t know who The Trailer Park Boys are, they are a group of misfit best friends who live in Nova Scotia.  The series is an irreverent mockumentary.  In addition to the series, they also have a podcast.  In this particular podcast episode, they were quarantining themselves due to the virus.  Ricky, who is generally depicted as being the least bright one, voices his concern that the US is coming out of quarantine too soon.  I agree with him.

Anyway, we will get through this.  I’m looking forward to the day we can look back on this.  If we can get through The Tiger King, we can get through anything.

Stay safe.  Stay Healthy.  Keep your sense of humor.

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