Many years ago, when I worked at the US Bureau of Mines, I wrote a rap song about that job. That song is called The Bolt Boys. It was recorded by a co-worker and friend by the name of Clay Stuckey. That song can be found on my blog (https://bryanulrich.net/bolt-boys/). Recently, my daughter challenged me to write a rap song about tailings. The following is the result of that challenge.

Ya’ll don’t know what tailings is?

Sit right there and I’ll give you a quiz

See that gold chain hangin’ ’round yer neck?

Y’ think it came from a pirate wreck?

A gold miner broke out some rock

Then liberated that gold w’out a Glock

The rest of the rock, got sent away

Just like your no-good cousin Faye

The no-good part gets sent to a facility

That gets designed to the best o’ my ability

A tailings facility, yo, not like a prison

Talking ‘bout your cousin Faye, we still isn’t

You’ve heard o’ all the failings

I’m talkin’ about mine tailings

I’ll give you the straight dope

Case you think there’s no hope

I’ll be a straight up G

If you’ll listen to me

Ya’ll gotta be in compliance

With some hard, cold science

Just in case this still isn’t clear

You gotta hire a good engineer

It takes a team from the whole damn mine

And you gotta get that team to align

You’ll want to lower your overall risk

If som’thing goes wrong, ain’t no slap on th’ wrist

You’ll want your design to be highly devised

This ain’t no place to have something improvised

You don’t want something that’s just alright

Ya gotta do just what’s actually right

(Mine Tailings Mine Tailings)

(Mine Tailings Mine Tailings)

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