My first podcast on Behind the Scenes with Bryan took place on July 7th, 2019.  I now have over fifty episodes.  Some have been listened to hundreds of times, while some have a few dozen listens.  There is an outfit in Australia who occasionally promotes my podcast, and that really helps. 

The notion of a podcast came to me from the same friend who encouraged me to start my blog, which had started the prior November.  After blogging for a while, my friend asked me, “You know what’s next, right?”  I had no idea.  Podcasting, she said.  She said that I have a lot of content and connections, and that I really should try to share more.  I looked into it, and there was a lot to the process (at the time).  There were several platforms that you had to use, and it looked like no fun to me.  I asked my employer at the time if they could help to facilitate the production of the podcast.  They took a hard look, but decided to pass, probably because they couldn’t have much editorial control, and I didn’t blame them for that.  Then one day I was listening to a podcast, and there was a commercial for a podcast platform called Anchor.FM.  Supposedly, it was intuitive and a one-stop place.  Well, I looked into it, and… gulp… no more excuses.   

Sometimes my imagination comes up short when I’m trying to figure out who I can interview, and I really look at trade journals and conference proceedings closely to find potential candidates.  The entire experience has really been very beneficial to me.  With every episode I get to know somebody a little bit better, and I get to know something about my industry a little bit better.  And, it’s really nice to hear a kind word now and then about the content. 

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