Quartz crystal cluster, Silverton, Colorado

Rocks and soils are the main components of our Earth’s crust, and they are the foundation on which we build our civilization.  And some of the rocks are beautiful.  My grandma taught me to be a rockhound when I was really young.  Her neighbor was a rockhound too, and he gave Gramma all the rocks he didn’t want, and I was somewhere in that line for the unwanted rocks, so I benefitted too. 

So what, Bryan, rocks can be pretty.

Yes, yes, rocks can be pretty, but it’s more than that. 

Hunting for rocks can be a pretty good excuse to get the family off of the couch and spend some time in nature.  Get some fresh air and look around.  Think of it as a nature walk where you might find something that you can place on your bookshelves.  It can be a challenge to find really good areas, but you don’t have to find museum pieces every time you go out.  Heck, you don’t even have to find any keepers. 

I’ve been to some really nice mountain locations, and some places right outside the city.  You can research reference books to find likely locations, join a Facebook group, Google it, or just go out and start walking.  You also can find places where you have to pay to dig. 

Stay off of private property, stay off of mine claims and don’t collect rocks on lands where it isn’t allowed. 

I have a lifetime of rocks that have been collected, and I still have another half of my life to live.  I love to show off some of my nicer pieces when visitors come over. 

You really don’t have to know anything about rocks to be able to appreciate a nice find.  Now get out in nature and see what you can find. 

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