My last blog was about the game of Risk.  This one is about risk assessments.  In the past year or so I’ve been involved in a few risk assessments.  I really enjoy playing a role in risk assessments.  Other than the pre-workshop reading, the risk assessment is a one-and-done type of thing (unless there is a part one and part two).  Generally, you know the results when the workshop is over, and you know what to do.

It helps to be really prepared and to pay really close attention to what others are saying in the workshop.  Synergies can be really high.  The greatest outcome for me is to get to a point where the client can do something with the results.  To actually end the risk assessment with a known direction for the project. 

When you are working on a risk assessment, whether you are the EoR, the RTFE, a subject matter expert or anyone else, it is very different to look at a project through the lens of a risk assessment.  It’s not the way engineers are normally wired to run projects.  It can be a very healthy process. 

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