When I was in high school my friends and I often played the board game Risk.  We were such hooligans. 

Risk is a board game where you try to take control of the world.  A roll of the dice means a lot in the game of Risk.  But you have to do so strategically and with intelligent, tactical decisions.  Winning involves more than knowing the rules.  With each turn, you have to decide how to launch attacks on the other player’s territories.  You also have to defend your own territory and move across countries and continents with your plan to take over the world.  Every decision made is subject to immediate or future risk.  If you rapidly take over territories, you can leave yourself very thin and unable to defend your territories against enemy attacks.  The game ends when there is only one player remaining.

The game of Risk is something of an analogy for many activities in life, such as growing your business.  Grow it too quickly and you may be spread too thin to control it adequately.  There are many times when I’ve used this analogy to help in my life and career.  I think I’ve won at this many times. 

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